I'm enjoying The Grand Union Canal (Leicester Line)...

I had a stressful start to the year with all the flooding near Nottigham. Fortunately things have quietened down now and I'm heading for Market Harborough on the Grand Union Canal and the River Soar..

I try to keep the Webcam live but YouTube loses the link sometimes. To get the latest version, go to my YouTube Channel "@PinkHatMan" and look for the video with the red "Live" badge. Most of the time the Webcam should be on-line (broadband signal permitting). You can also see some of the previous recordings.

Best way is to subscribe to my YouTube Channel (it's completely free)

It's a great way to relax, if I'm on the move you get to see what I see. If I'm moored up, you can watch the ducks and swans passing by.